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TFT Elojob / Elo Job (Eloboost)

Service Information

ELO JOB HIGH provides the TFT Elo Boosting service, with the aim of providing better conditions of experience in matches for players. Our Boosters provide an opportunity for you to learn how to behave in SoloQ games, even if your team is poor in playability and maturity.

As much as they say no, we are aware that most players go through stressful experiences in ranked queues and don't reach their true bond due to obstacles like trolls, afks and rages. Unfortunately this happens on all servers, even if you are on high ranks. Sometimes the player also doesn't have free time to play and wear out in ranked games. We at ELO JOB HIGH are willing to increase the division of your account so that you can play with more peace of mind and guarantee the rewards of the Season.

Some specifications:

- The customer will not be able to play Ranked matches during the current service period.

- The customer will not be able to log into the account at the MOMENT the service is running.

- The account must have at least 20 champions enabled in order to play ranked matches and run the service.

- In the rare event that the booster fails any placement and BO3 or drops a division, we fully guarantee the return of the rank and qualifiers at no additional cost.

If you are earning less than 15 points per win, it is recommended to purchase the service under "Purchase Wins".

- Exclusive ELO JOB HIGH: You can customize the service your way, in the Checkout screen.

- Do you have any doubt? Access our tutorial and check out all the steps to make the purchase and track the order.

OBS: The client will follow the entire Boosting process via the Online System, thus enjoying all the benefits: Chat with the player, ON/OFF module (know when your booster is on your account) , match history, win counter and spectate of your matches.

Elojob High

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Payment methods

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