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Note: Only registered users will be able to sell lol / league of legends accounts. If you don't have an account, register.

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1 Log in to ELOJOB HIGH, if you don't have an account, register. Access the "SELLER" menu and click on the "SELL ACCOUNT" option.


2 Register your account information lol, and before publishing review your ad to not contain false information.

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3 The buyer makes the payment to ELOJOB HIGH, we inform you that we have the money and you pass the account information to the buyer.


4 The buyer informs that he has received the account data and we release the payment to you, thus maintaining the highest security in the market.

Sell ​​LOL Accounts (League Of Legends)

Service Information

ELOJOB HIGH provides the system to sell lol / league of legends account closest to the FREE MARKET, as a first step you will have to create a seller account, confirming your data for greater security for both the seller and the buyer. Create an offer for the desired account, fill in the fields exactly as the account is, review the data and publish your ad, the account will undergo a slight review and the administration will approve or disapprove your ad.

Attention sellers of UNRANKED accounts (unranked) and without a history of ranked in the past seasons, will have their money arrested within 30 days after the account is sold, to ensure that there will be no future problems with the use of illegal programs.

Some specifications:

- Before you start selling, you will need to validate your account is quick and easy.

- Always check your account details before publishing, so you don't have problems with your buyers.

- Do not take risks by selling your account in another company, ELOJOB HIGH is reliable and is consolidated in the market.

- Exclusive ELO JOB HIGH: You will only pass your account access data after your money is 100% safe.

- Do you have any doubt? Access our tutorial and check out all the steps to make the sale and follow your ad.

OBS: The seller will follow your entire account sale process lol via the Online System, thus enjoying all the benefits: chat with the buyer, answering buyers' questions, editing account information and much more . See a Demo version.

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Payment methods

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