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Don't have time to play on your account and would you like to keep your current rank? Hire Rank Maintenance right now, which we will play on your account for 1 month!

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Service Information

ELOJOB HIGH is also providing RANK Maintenance, this option is for you who want to stay on HIGHELO. You don't have time to play or you paid for an elojob and you're afraid to drop from rank. This option will solve your problems. We train and select our best boosters of the highest level to do this type of service, keep your HIGHELO account with QUALITY.

Rank Maintenance has a period of 30 calendar days after payment, and we do not guarantee wins every day, but we will keep your rank, at the end of the maintenance your account will have to be close to the rank you hired, see the examples in the specifications.

Some specifications:

- Your account will have to be at least master.

- Delivery time is 30 calendar days (1 month).

- Select the booster you prefer (contact administration).

- It will be delivered with the same amount of days stacked in soloq. Example: The account started with 5 days to go. It will be delivered with 5 days of decay.

- The score can vary between -25 or +80PDLs that started. Example: Start: Master 100LP - End: Master 75-180 LP.

- If the account reaches the Grand Master or Challenger, the difference in the current month will not be charged.

OBS: The customer will follow the entire process of Rank Maintenance via the Online System, thus enjoying all the benefits: chat with the booster. See a Demo version.

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Payment methods

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