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We will maximize the chances of you falling into a better rank than your previous one in your Best of 5. Get your BO5 Valorant Boosting or DuoBoosting right now at promotional value.

1 Select the desired server

2 Choose how your placement will be performed

3 Select your Elo from the Previous Season

4 Select the Number of Desired Departures

- Winrate guarantee: 80% on placement Boost and 60% on placement DuoBoost.

- For your placement, yourrank and MMR from the previous season, the MMR of the teams in play, among other factors, are involved. Therefore, we cannot define the exact rank you will reach at the end of placement, but your chances of getting a rank superior to past divisions are huge.

- If the predicted winrate target fails, a split will be guaranteed for each unmatched loss.

Best of 5 Valorant

Service Information

ELO JOB HIGH provides the placement Valorant service (Boosting and DuoBoosting), in order to provide the best possible results for your new division. We have an extremely qualified team to complete your service quickly and safely.

For UNRANKED accounts (with no ranked games in past acts) we guarantee at least 4 wins out of 5 games. (rank defined according to unrated games).

For RANKED accounts (already ranked games in previous acts), we guarantee a 66% win rate on placement Boosting and placement DuoBoosting, increasing the chances of you dropping into a higher rank than your previous rank.

Some specifications:

- With changes of divisions, it is not possible to guarantee any rank, as it goes according to your mmr from the previous act. This means that it doesn't matter if you are Diamond, Ascendant, Immortal or Radiant, you can drop any rank according to your mmr.

- In the rare event that the booster fails to achieve the combined winning pattern, for each loss beyond the agreed upon, we will manually move up one division of the placement or placement final result.

- The account must have at least 10 wins (unranked) in order to play ranked matches and run the service.

- Exclusive ELO JOB HIGH: You can customize the service your way, in the Checkout screen.

NOTE: The customer will be able to follow the entire process of the Best of 5 Valorant via the Online System, thus enjoying all the benefits: Chat with the player, ON/OFF module (know when your booster is on in your account).

Elojob High

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