Coach TFT (Coaching)

Coach TFT

Note: You can choose additional ones at the time of finalizing the order, such as: specific days and times and other information you want to learn.

We also work with classes for LOL (League Of Legends) and single classes, you can choose what you want to learn.

1 Select your Server, Course Level and Number of Classes

Beginner Player: For players from the Iron to Silver division, classes with a Master teacher or higher. Main contents covered: main heroes of each lane, builds, situational builds, lane phases, talents, rune pages, map and farm usage.

Intermediate Player: For players in the Gold to Emerald division, classes with a Master teacher or higher. Main contents covered: counter-picks, positioning and focus on team fight and late Game, kiting, ganks, roaming, zoning, dealing with ragers in chat, vision dispute and global objectives.

Experienced Player: For players from Diamond to Master division, classes with a Challenging teacher. Main content covered: ShoutCaller of objectives for your team, how to obtain and distribute advantage among your team after winning the lane, mapping the enemy jungle, advanced roaming and more.

Coaching (Coach)

Service Information

Our Coach lol / Coaching lol service differs from other companies, here if you don't know anything about the game, we teach you step by step so you can conquer your desired link. If you already have a certain experience within League of Legends and are looking to improve to reach platinum, emerald, diamond, master or even challenger, you are in the right place. Our coaching services are completely flexible, whether you want to learn a specific route, learn matchups, vision control, wave control, analyze your matches.

If you want something specific, I recommend the single class, if you want to learn about everything, we have the package with 10 classes, which we sweep everything about lol for you to be the most complete player. You will have classes with Grandmaster-Challenger players in ranked queues where he will give you all his knowledge and help you with any questions you have, the duration of each class is 50 minutes and can be extended up to 60 minutes. And we also have a discount for you who have hired the coach and want to play some games with your favorite teacher. Come, it will be fun and you will learn a lot!

Some specifications:

- It is important that you choose your course level, according to your current division, so you will guarantee a better performance in classes.

- Appointment will be tolerated 15 minutes late, otherwise reschedule with the teacher.

- If you want the teacher to teach you a specific topic, you must book 1 day in advance.

- You can miss up to 2 times per class, if you book the class and miss more than 2 times the class will be cancelled.

- The course has no end date, it all depends on the days available for class, and if you want to take more than one class a day, just make an appointment with your teacher.

- Exclusive ELO JOB HIGH: You can customize the service to your liking, in the Checkout screen.

- Do you have any doubt? Access our tutorial and check out all the steps to make the purchase and track the order.

OBS: The client will follow the entire Coach process via the Online System, thus enjoying all the benefits: chat with the coach, class topics. See a Demo version.

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